4.8 ★ von 10 Bewertungen

Great evening with family friends in this family friendly restaurant. Good food good choices for veggies lactose free diners. Will certainly return

We had booked a table for and arrived with about mins to spare the front of house attendant couldn’t find the booking initially then told us our table was booked for I advised this was incorrect and said I had the confirmation on my phone e to which the reply was ‘well it says and the booking sheet’ in a quite accusing tone of voice. We were led to a small seater table which was too close to the table behind when the were couples sat in booths for people and tables for available and were still vacant when we had finished. I found my confirmation and went to the front desk attendant who just shrugged. No apologies that we had been booked in incorrectly and their information was correct. From a first impression perspective this was a dreadful start. Our waitress was very nice but had obviously been briefed we weren’t happy and did go over the top to try and rectify the situation. The starter of mushrooms on bruschetta arrived and were advised the plates were hot and to go careful however my partner had one slice which was stone cold and another Luke warm ... when he mentioned it he was told that it wasn’t meant to be hot .. so why serve it on hot plates ?? Finished our meal and left .. not in any rush to visit again

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